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Paul Anthony Pavliscak Hopes Baseball Fans Enjoy The Magic

About Paul Anthony Pavliscak

As a lifelong fan of baseball, Paul Anthony Pavliscak has been playing the game since he was five years old. With a true love for the game, Paul Anthony Pavliscak was able to build up enough skill to play at the collegiate level. This was something Paul had to earn as he wasn’t a natural talent. It took hours of practice a week and a true dedication to the details. When others asked Paul Anthony Pavliscak how he stayed so committed to the game, he always pointed to just how much the game teaches you about life and the joy of sports. Baseball is a truly beautiful game and Paul Anthony Pavliscak hopes more people remember that and embrace the 2022 MLB season and Aaron Judge’s AL record 61 homeruns. By the time this is published, Judge may very well have overtaken the former record of 61, which he currently shares with Roger Maris.

When Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were at the peak of their powers, the entire nation – and most of the world – watched in awe as they clubbed homerun after homerun. Baseball in the country was enjoying its greatest popularity ever. Unfortunately, those years are now remembered as the steroid era and the players utilizing performance enhancing drugs left those records tainted. Many baseball purists, Paul Anthony Pavliscak included, look at 61 as the true home run record. As a Tigers fan, Paul Anthony Pavliscak has no love for the Yankees, but there is something truly special about another Yankee taking over the record that a former Yankee set all the way back in October of 1961.

If the steroid era never happened, the public would not look at Judge with such cynicism. There would be an electricity that would take over the entire nation. Fans need to remember just how difficult of a feat it is to hit 60 plus homeruns in a season. There’s a reason there hasn’t been another player in the American League to hit 61 homeruns since 1961. This is even crazier to think about when you consider that many American League players were using performance enhancers in the 1990’s and still couldn’t reach the elusive number. Any record that is broken in America’s pastime deserves to be celebrated, but there may be no record that captures the imagination quite like the homerun record.

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Paul Anthony Pavliscak believes no other sport puts an emphasis on records quite like baseball. Who could forget when Cal Ripken broke the consecutive games played record or when Pete Rose became the new hit king? These are moments in time that will live forever. All fans of the game should embrace the history that is occurring this year. These moments in sports are rare and should be cherished when they happen. Yes, the steroid era diminished a lot of the mass appeal of baseball and the NFL has moved head and shoulders ahead of baseball in television ratings, but baseball is still our national pastime. Aaron Judge is almost certainly the first batter who isn’t on any illegal substance who has hit 60+ homeruns in a season since 1961.

Why shouldn’t fans enjoy the moment?

Paul Anthony Pavliscak encourages all sports fans to jump on the bandwagon this October. Judge still has time to reach 70 homeruns and could even move past Barry Bonds should he get especially hot to end the season. These are records that generations have held near and dear to their heart. We are lucky to be alive to witness greatness. Watch these games now as we don’t know when we are likely to see this type of success at the major league level again.

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