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US Home Purchases Decease Again – Most Properties Selling Under Asking Price

Housing markets are constantly shifting across the country due to recent tumultuous times. October 2022 saw the United States of America housing market drop 7% for the third consecutive month — properties worth $423,000 at the start of the year have fallen to $369,800.  Since...

Airbnb Celebrates a Record Quarter

Airbnb posted its financials on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, which revealed a record third quarter in revenues and profits. While unsurprising amid the continued high rates for vacation homes and short-term rentals, the booking agency is seriously cashing in on people's mind-blowing demand for travel...

Brad Ransome Discusses the Demand for Luxury Homes in North Carolina

Brad Ransome is a real estate investor in North Carolina. In the following article, Bradley Ransome discusses why luxury homes are in such high demand right now throughout the state. Despite rising interest rates and market hiccups, the housing market in North Carolina remains strong....